Snippets of music produced and arranged by Andrae Ambrose.


*Reggie Royal & Judah – “Goodness” [PRODUCER/SONGWRITER]

*Brandon Roberson Live [PRODUCER/SONGWRITER]

*Marlon Hester & Fresh Fire – Dance In the Rain EP [PRODUCER]

*Geoffrey Golden – Kingdom  [SONGWRITER – “All of My Help” ]…live!/id1021293792

*LaShanda Lewis – Freedom [PRODUCER]

*Atmosphere of Heaven Vol 1 [PRODUCER/SONGWRITER]

*Mark Hubbard & The Voices – For My Good [SONGWRITER]

*One 4 Christ – In True Worship [PRODUCER/SONGWRITER]

*Living Word – Favor Ain’t Fair [SONGWRITER – “Covenant Keeping God”]

*Phil Tarver – Place of Worship [Auxillery Keys/Engineering]

*One 4 Christ – God Can Still Use You [PRODUCER/SONGWRITER]

*Karima Kibble – Just Karima [PRODUCER/SONGWRITER – “Forecast”]

*Dominic Amato – Illuminate [PRODUCER/SONGWRITER – “Stand”]

*SoundMind Collection – Rest (feat. Andrae Ambrose) [PRODUCER/COMPOSER]